More is not always better.

In the age of abundance, freely available information creates a distraction rather than providing wisdom. The Weekend Bulletin attempts to improve the quality of information reaching to you by filtering out a lot of the noise of the internet. Think of it as a weekly digest of thought provoking articles that will help you sharpen your acumen and become a better investor.

It started as an internal project at my previous organisation - my attempt to get my team to read widely. Over time, we realized the value of sharing this high-knowledge-density information with the world. Our project found a home on the internet as well as on twitter.

The Weekend Bulletin is now a one-man labor to continue seeking high-density information. Every Saturday I send out a curated list of some interesting articles across a range of topics that will add value to your life. You can get your dose of multi-disciplinary reading by hitting the subscribe button below. Give it a try!!

About me:

I enjoy reading and exploring a variety of non-fiction subjects. This project is a means for me to share some of the most interesting articles that I come across every week (“Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it."). It is also a system that keeps me from wasting time browsing endless social media timelines or binge-watching the next hot web-series (I haven’t watched a single episode of GoT - would you believe it?!?!?).

Professionally, I am a fund manager, currently working at Tata Mutual Fund. I occasionally pen thoughts on investing and life, which I collect on my blog.

In a different life, I used to enjoy wild-life photography and was a self-taught hobbyist. While this hobby took a back seat in favour of other priorities in life, the Internet kindly holds some of my early works here.

Physically, I am based out of Mumbai, India. On the Internet, you can find me on Linkedin or Twitter.

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